22 novembre ore 12, Sala Consultazione Biblioteca Centrale di Ingegneria

The what, the how and the why of open science

The what, the how and the why of open science –  accelerating research communication and fostering responsible research practices

Incontro con Maria Bellantone

A new science eco-system is in the making: Open Science. It impacts the way research is carried out and reported. Open science aims to make research more effective and expand the sphere of influence of scientific findings. This talk will argue how it is possible to improve the communication of science through opening access to research results and sharing of research data. It will reveal new ways of making peer review work in a framework of transparency. Open science forces everyone to rethink notions such as authorship, ownership of data, what should count as research output and metrics for the evaluation of research and researchers. All of these are inextricably linked to the infrastructures provided by science publishers. That’s why innovation and open mindedness in science publishing is essential to supporting a shift to open science that involves individual researchers as much as academic institutions and funding agencies. This talk will expound on topics such as open peer review, the FAIR data principles, the publish-or-perish dictum, plan S and more. There will be ample opportunity for questions and comments.


Maria Bellantone lavora come Publishing Director for physical sciences a F1000. Dopo avere studiato alle Università di Messina e Torino e all’Imperial College di Londra, ha intrapreso la carriera editoriale lanciando la rivista Nature Materials. Da allora è stata responsabile della pubblicazione di molte altre riviste e di innumerevoli libri alla Springer. Dal 2019 fa parte del team di F1000, una giovane casa editoriale che ha come missione di rivoluzionare il modo in cui la ricerca scientifica viene condivisa.