Access to electronic resources from outside the University network. (DIGPROXY)

What is DigProxy service
DigProxy Service allows authorized users to access electronic resources subscribed by Politecnico's Library System from outside the University net, after they have authenticated.

Who can access
This service can be used by professors, researchers, students, staff, Ph.D., research assistants and students.

In order to gain access to DigProxy service, users MUST register by filling in this form and agreeing with this Policy application/pdf (30.04 kB)

Once registered to this service, in order to access electronic resources from outside the University net, you need to start from the links in the pages of the Electronic resources . Direct links won't work.

Instructions for use
All users registered to DigProxy Service must agree with this policy application/pdf (30.04 kB) Every abuse will be punished by termination of the service.
Notice that a connection log is kept to monitor potential abuse.

For any comment, information, problem, please contact

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