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Bibliography of History of Art

Description: It's a bibliographic data base related to the history of art (european and american).

Content: It contains articles from 1200 titols of periodicals, books, proceedings and exposition catalogues. It's available RILA (Rèpertoire de la littèrature de l'art).  

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Description: Chemical database for the online search facilities and properties.
Content: It offers access to more than 26 million chemical structures.

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Description: Full text data base related to chemistry and pharmacology.
Content: The database, result of a project by Genome Alberta & Genome Canada, a canadian non-prpfit association, provides detailed information about drugs and their chemical structure, and includes more than 6,000 proteins. Data cover FDA-approved drugs and experimental drugs. For each entry in the database there is a registration card ( "DrugCard entry"), with more than 80 fields to collect information. The database offers bseveral search options for keywords, sequence or structural formula.  

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Description: Full text database related to the environment.
Content: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of the United States provides free online their collections and documentation in the field of environmental proctection together with software and various types of electronic equipment. 

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Description: Full text database to the science of materials.
Content: The database, produced by Automation Creations Inc (Balcksburg, Virginia), provides data on more than 59,000 metal and plastic materials, ceramics and composites.

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Description: System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe. Covers science, technology, biomedical science, economics, social science and humanities.
Content: 700.000 bibliographical references of grey literature produced in Europe.

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Description: Bibliographic database relating to chemistry.
Content: PubChem provides information on biological activities of small molecules.
It consists of three related databases:

  • PubChem Substance: it searches the records of the registered chemicals, using names, synonimous and key words.
  • PubChem Compound: it searches chemical strucures, using names, synonimous and ley words.
  • PubChem BioAssay: it searches the records of biological evidence of drugs.

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Description: Bibliographic database relating to medecine.
Content: Service of the National Librey of Medecine, includes more, than 15 millions of bibliographic records of biomedical articles taken from MEDLINE. PubliMed provides also some links to other related resources. Since 1950.

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