From 2021: Plan S

Plan S is the initiative launched in September 2018 by Science Europe, the association of the major organizations that finance and carry out research in Europe.

The key principle of Plan S states that, by 2021, publicly funded research must be published in Open Access journals or platforms.

 The plan is structured in 10 principle; the main ones are the following:

1) From 2021 the articles must be in Open Access at the time of publication without embargo, preferably with a CC BY license

2) The authors must keep the copyright on their publications

3) It will no longer be possible to publish in hybrid journals (traditional ones, for which the subscription is already paid, which offer the possibility of making individual articles Open by paying an additional fee)

4) A cap is established on the publication costs (APC, Article Processing Charges) required to publish in Open Access journals

5) The funding bodies will pay the APCs

Link tol Plan S:

What is cOALition S?

Promoting innovation and reducing inequity in scholarship: Europe‚Äôs Plan S for Open Science    -  11th September 2018

Revised guidance on Plan S implementation   - 31st May 2019