DMP process and support at PoliTo

If you need to write Data Management Plan for your research project or for a funding/funded proposal, we recommend to follow these steps:

  • Use DMP online [1] to create a free account, and choose the required template (H2020, ERC, etc) associated with the funding organisation or continue with the general template as necessary. Here’s a short informative video on how to write a DMP using DMP online tool. The DMP online tool provides the necessary guidance against each field.
  • One you have compiled your plan on DMP online, and you still have questions on any of the above steps or wish for an expert to review your plan before submission please share your DMP with , and we will get back to you within 1 week.
  • For the completion and execution of the DMP you may require the resources provided by PoliTo

[1] Currently you can create an account without associating yourself to a university. We are working towards securing institutional access of DMP online


  • Active data management: Samba/CIFS/sftp/nfs Project/Research Storage based on hi-availability resilient NAS systems
  • Cloud@PoliTO: virtual machine/virtual datacenter based on OpenStack GARR federated private cloud region. Soon to be available: Containers based on Kubernetes.
  • HPC@PoliTO: High performance computing cluster for research

Precise Quota, Access Policies and Costs are to be defined/negotiated, but three main service classes can be currently identified:

  • Basic Access: resources are free and offered on best-effort basis, based on space and resource availability
  • Premium Access: users pay a fee to obtain privileged access and quota; when not in use, resources are available for basic access
  • Hardware hosting: users pay new (compatible) hardware to be added to storage, private cloud and HPC systems and obtain premium access on acquired resources; when not in use, resources are available for basic access

Info and request: –

For in-depth privacy related questions or Data Protection Impact assessments refer to

The Research Support Department provides information on how to deal with ethical issues in competitive calls for proposals launched by national and international funding agencies (Contact: Research Support Department – email: If your research involves human participants or have any other ethical concerns related to your research, contact the ethics committee. More information is available here.

In order to effectively valorize commercially the research results of a scientific project, the careful evaluation of the timeline and of the possibility of sharing data and software is crucial. To understand the if and when of data and source code sharing related to the projects please refer to this webinar ( (slides here) about PoliTo’s Technology Transfer System. For any questions please contact PoliTo TRIN office at