Data in Horizon Europe

Open Science is an important evaluation criteria in Horizon Europe calls. There are dedicated sub sections for OS and RDM in the Excellence/Methodology section, which should be linked and compatible with the impact section (dissemination, exploitation and communication) as well as the quality of implementation (work plan and resources, capacity of participants and consortium). The commission states mandatory and recommended OS practices in the programme guide.


If the proposal is accepted, the commission requires: 

  • Open Access to publications
  • Responsible management of research data in line with the FAIR principles notably through the generalised use of data management plans
  • Access to FAIR data and research outputs (software, models, protocols etc.) according to the principle«as open as possible, as close as necessary» in trusted repositories


They are detailed in the Standard Application Form and in the Programme Guide (V1, pp. 38-54) not limited to:

  • early and open sharing of research (for example through preregistration, registered reports, pre-prints, or crowd-sourcing)
  • measures to ensure reproducibility of research outputs
  • participation in open peer-review
  • involving all relevant knowledge actors including citizens, civil society and end users in the co-creation of R&I agendas and contents (such as citizen science) 

Recommended OS practices are strongly encouraged and will be favourably evaluated if present. 


At the proposal stage, you will need to provide up to 1 page to describe OS practices + up to 1 page to describe research data/output management, and you will have to briefly describe how you plan to implement these practices and plans. Here’s a useful infographic to navigate the Horizon Europe Proposal.

When a proposal is successful, beneficiaries are required to write a detailed Data Management Plan and update it at various stages of the project. 

Most of the above mentioned practices will be incorporated within the Data Management Plan however we have dedicated guides and further reading to incorporate Open Science practices within your Horizon Europe proposal both during the application and to comply with the requirements in the event of success:

  1. Guidance on Open Science and Research Data Management in Horizon Europe proposals
  2. A guide to Open Science in Horizon Europe