Personalized services

In Primo web pages, by signing in, a user can access his account, which allows him/her to check his/her borrower status,  and save/manage queries or specific bibliographic records of his/her interest. Queries and records can be related to the catalogue, electronic resources and the institutional repository PORTO. Logging in requires the same username and password used for the authentication in Politecnico‚Äôs portals.

After authenticating, the user can modify his/her personal settings, look at the list of active loans (and renew them) or of the historic ones. The user can also set alerts on saved queries; according to that, an e-mail notification will be sent to him/her automatically, once there are new items answering these search criteria. The user can also get updates on saved searches via RSS.

E--Shelf allows the user to save and organize items that he/she finds during his/her Primo session.