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Art and Architecture Source

Description: Database of Art.
Content: "Art and Architecture Source" is derived from the fusion of 'Art Full Text' with 'Art Index Retrospective 1929-1984 "and" Art and Architecture Complete', more 'other 100 full-text titles not found in other databases.
There are more 'than 2400 full text journals, 230 e-books and 63,000 images.
Coverage: Full text from 1974; bibliographic records from 1929. 

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Art, Design & Architecture Collection

Description: A complete overview of current publications in the field of visual and applied arts.

Content: This collection includes the specialized indexes ARTbibliographies Modern - ABM - (covering modern and contemporary art), Design and Applied Arts Index - DAAI - (for all aspects of design and crafts), the International Bibliography of Art - IBA - (covering scholarship on Western art history), and finally Arts and Humanity database, a complementary collection of current full-text journals.

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ARTSTOR Digital Library

Descrizone: banca dati di immagini relativa alle discipline dell’arte, architettura, studi umanistici

Contenuto: la banca dati offre l’accesso a una collezione di 2,5 milioni di immagini suddivise in 300 collezioni ed in continuo aggiornamento. Le immagini provenienti  da collezioni di musei, archivi, collezioni private  quali il MOMA, il  Louvre, la Bodleian Library of Oxford University, l’Harvards Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology e l’agenzia   Magnum Photos  sono arricchite da descrizioni e metadati.

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ASTM Compass

ASTM Compass  

Description: The database includes standards, e-journals and e-books published by the American Society for Testing Materials.
Content: more than 12.500 standards, 123.000 pages of articles published in ASTM journals, 29.000 technical reports and proceedings.
Coverage: the database is totally available.

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Avery Index

Description: Bibliographic database related to architecture, design, urban planning, art, archaelogy.
Content: 800.000 bibliographic records of articles in more than 700 international periodicals, whose original nucleus is owned by Avery Architectural and fine Arts Library of Columbia University.
Coverage: Since 1934. 

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British Standards Online: EN, ISO and BSI standards online on the BSOL platform

- EN standards, published by CEN and CENELEC, implemented by BSI (100% of the EN are adopted by BSI)
- ISO standards implemented by BSI (94% of the ISO as well are adopted by BSI)
- native BSI standards

Content: The subscription includes both the standards in force and the withdrawals.

The standards can be viewed, printed and downloaded within the limit of the terms of use.
Use of the standards is for study and research purposes only. It is not allowed to use it other than
the institutional one or transfer the standards to unauthorized third parties.

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Building types online

Description: The database provides an online documentation about a large international collection of contemporary buildings (e. g. housing, office buildings, museums, schools, libraries, industrial complexes).
Content: more than 850 international case studies. Each building is presented with technical drawings, professional plans, photographs and articles.

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Description: Bibliographic database related to industrial, motorvehicle and textile design, glassdesign, jewellery, metals manufacture, fashion.
Content: 225.699 records, four databases with more than 50.000 cards of designers, companies, studios, oragizations and associations, schools are included.
Coverage: Since 1973.

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Description: Bibliographic database related to building sceince, civil engineering, architecture and city planning.
Content:  900.000 records of journals and monographes, proceedings and grey literature in general.
Coverage: Since 1900

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International Bibliography of Art (IBA)

Description: Bibliographic database on the disciplines of art and architecture.

Content: Publications covered include at least 500 leading journals to which is added the detailed coverage of monographs, collections of essays, conference proceedings, and exhibition catalogs.

Coverage: European art from antiquity to the present, American art from colonial times until today, the art world from 1945 until now.

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Journal Citation Reports

Description: Database showing the "Impact Factor" and citation dara of journals, related to exact and social sciences.


  • JCR Science Edition
  • JCR Social Sciences Edition

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Le Leggi d'Italia

Description: Legal database.

Content: Laws, practices and Italian jurisprudence. In "My library" there is a constantly updated collection of E-books.

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Description: Bibliographic database related to matematics by The American Mathematical Society.

Content: It corresponds to the printed bibliographic publications "Mathematical Reviews" and "Current Mathematical Publications".

Coverage: Since 1940. 

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National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Descrizione: Database that offers studies and analysis especially in the fields of macroeconomics, political economy, labor, health and energy policies, econometrics and statistics.

Contenuto: The entire section of the "Working papers", working documents not yet submitted to the revision of the official publications and intended to make the results of the NBER research available to other economists in preliminary form

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PROQUEST Databases

Description: Bibliographic databases that focus mainly on art, architecture, design, urban planning, archeology, industrial design, vehicle design, glassdesign, jewelery, metalworking, fashion, textile design, sociology and science of education.

Content: 9 PROQUEST databases currently on subscription  (Art, Design & Architecture Collection‎ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM);  Arts & Humanities Database; Design & Applied Arts Index (DAAI);  International Bibliography of Art (IBA); Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals; Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals‎Design & Applied Arts Index (DAAI)‎; Ebook Central‎; ERIC‎; International Bibliography of Art (IBA)‎; ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global‎; PTSDpubs‎Sociological Abstracts‎)

With regard to the only coverage indicated for each database, it is possible to search  the following  9 databases at the same time (all or only the ones you select) starting from the link below.

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ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global

Description: It is the most complete collection of degree theses and dissertations in the world from all over the world, starting from 1743 to the present day.

Content: It offers complete fulltext for postgraduate jobs added since 1997, along with fulltext for selected works written before 1997. It contains a significant amount of new dissertations and international theses both in citations and in fulltext. It covers f the field of health and medicine, science and technology, history, literature, arts and social sciences.

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Description: Elsevier's SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 8,500 research institutions and 220 countries worldwide.
To access SciVal, you need to establish an account.

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Description: Citation bibliographic data base related to science, technics, medecine, social sciences, humanities.
Content: 18.000 "peer reviewed" periodical titles for a total of 54 millions of records are included. Ciation dates since 1996. Coverage since 1823.

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Sociology Source Ultimate

Descrizione: Database which offers full text and peer-reviewed journals in the sociological field for students who study aspects of human interaction and behavior. It includes many indexed titles in the main citation services, as well as hundreds of full text academic journals cited in the most important subject indexes; extensive indexing for books, monographs, conference texts and other non-periodic content sources; more than 26,000 expert profiles in their field covering the most cited and influential database profiles.

Contenuto: over 5570 records, including:

• 1,072 journals and newspapers in full text

• 1,009 peer-reviewed journals in full text

• 612 journals in full text without embargo

• 601 full-text journals indexed in Web of Science or Scopus

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Description: statistics portal that provides access to statistics and studies on over 80.000 topics and areas of interest.

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Description: Bibliographic database related to city planning, architecture, building, habitat, infrastructure.
Content: Five databases, also available individually, are included:

  • Docet (IT)
  • Acompline & Urbaline (UK)
  • Orlis (RFD)
  • Urbamet (FR)
  • Urbaterr (ES).

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Web of science

Description: Bibliographic citation database and full text of the subscription resources related to exact and applied sciences, social sciences, humanities


  • Science Citation Index Expanded (accesso dal 1970)
  • Social Sciences Citation Index (accesso dal 1970)
  • Arts and Humanities Citation Index (accesso dal 1975)

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