Annual report 2009

The virtual library

The Library System selects and subscribes the e-resources and the online services available to the users, both on the "Virtual library" and on the catalogue.

The services offered are:

the e-resources subscribed are

The goal is to offer interesting materials in every disciplinary Politecnico field other than to provide it with updated general reference works available on the university net. See chart below:


Resource name Subject Dimension
APS (American Physical Society) physics 7 journals
Emerald Management Xtra 150 economy, management 150 journals
Guritel Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana 5 series
IOP (Institute of Physics) physics 107 journals
Nature science 1 journal
Science Direct (Elsevier) interdisciplinary 2013 journals
Springer-Kluwer interdisciplinary 1694 journals
Wiley-Blackwell (STM) science, technology, medicine 697 journals


Resource name Subject Dimension
IEL (IEEE/IET Electronic Library) electronic engineering, physics, computer science 149 journals + 900 proceedings + 2000 standards
ACM Digital Library Core package + SIG package computer science 51 journals + 85 proceedings


Resource name Subject Dimension
Ebrary (collezione Computers & IT) computer science more than 3.000 e-books
Ebrary (collezione Engineering & Technology) engineering more than 3.900 e-books
Encyclopaedia Britannica interdisciplinary about 170.000 records
Wiley scientific encyclopedias electronics, physics, chemistry, statistics 7 encyclopedias
Grove Art online art more than 48.000 articles
Knovel engineering 20.000.000 records
Lecture Notes (Computer science, mathematics, physics) computer science, mathematics. physics 3 series
Springer monographs interdisciplinary 4.500 e-books
Oxford Reference Online (ORO) interdisciplinary 266 e-books
Referex Engineering electronic engineering, chemistry and mechanics 321 e-books


Resource name Subject Dimension
Alinari art, architecture 150.000 records
APID (Architectural Periodicals Index on Disc) architecture more than 215.000 records
Art Index art more than 500.000 records
Art Index Retrospective art more than 2.300.000 records
Avery Index architecture more than 637.000 records
Chem-Bank chemistry about 244.000 records
Compendex engineering more than 11.300.000 records
CSA Social Sciences Databases social sciences 2.475.449 records
DAAI design 210.325 records
Environment Index environment more than 1.957.000 records
Francis art, architecture, social and economic sciences 1.830.925 records
Iconda civil engineering, architecture and town planning more than 530.000 records
Inspec engineering, physics more than 10.000.000 records
Journal Citation Reports interdisciplinary more than 8.200 journal titles
MathSciNet mathematics 2.100.000 records
Urbadoc town planning more than 700.000 records
Web of Science interdisciplinary 40.000.000 records

The Library System home page also links to relevant resources for the Turin Politecnico scholars available for free on the net.