Annual report 2009

Working groups and projects

Library manager

During 2009, the group of skilled librarians and information experts, who support the Library Information Services in setting up all the library services, set up the new interlibrary loan module, now used by the Engineering Central Library and the Central Library of Vercelli campus.

U-GOV - Research catalogue and Politecnico's Open Access portal

Library System and IPSI planned to integrate U-GOV Research Module with a web Open Access portal. The project aims at creating a single environment to store data about publications in bibliographic and full-text format, integrating it with the web in order to realize a showcase of Politecnico's scientific publications. Library System's President, Maddalena Morando and Paolo Tealdi are involved.

"Books recommended" project

Library System together with Servizio Gestione Didattica planned and implemented a bibliographical archive where collect citations concerning textbooks. At the same time, Central Libraries check the library catalog to identify missing books, new editions and consequently order necessary books. Initially this project was undertaken by the Engineering Central Library and the Libraries Information Services (Renato Avantaggiato, Maria Girard and Elda Porta) and in 2010 also Architecture Central Library is going to cooperate
The project provides links between online course catalog and Library System's catalog.
Now the courses of the First School of Engineering (about 1.000) have been completed and many new books have been bought by Engineering Central Library.


The digitalization of the review “Atti e rassegna tecnica della Società degli Ingegneri e Architetti in Torino” has come to an end. Now a new portal, more powerful and user friendly, is under construction Soon the years 1868-1968 will be available online.. A new project of digitalization of Student's guide is in preparation.

"Good Practice" project

Politecnico di Torino, together with 26 Italian universities, cooperates in "Good practice" project, that aims at measure universities' management, identifying good practices and promoting them.
In 2009 for the first time the project concerned libraries and involved Library System (Paola Ferrero and Maria Vittoria Savio), with two main lines of action:

  1. data collection about libraries and librarians;
  2. survey of user satisfaction in 4 libraries (BCI, BCA, BCM and ELN).

An online questionnaire was sent to professors and researchers.
Politecnico di Milano, that coordinates the project, is analyzing data.

GIM project

Since 2000, Library System takes part in GIM (Interuniversitary Group of Monitoring of Universities' Library Systems) project; the group achieved the "Second Measurement and Evaluation of Italian University Systems Survey", sponsored by CRUI.
On May 22th 2009, at Padova University the results of the inquiry were shown; the full report is available on GIM site Library System's staff involved in this project are Nunzia Spiccia and Maria Vittoria Savio.
Topics that came out of the survey were studied in depth in two reports presented at IFLA conference, held in August 2009. In next months GIM group is going to start again, revising measures and indicators, in view of a new national survey, and identifying possible collaborations in Italy and abroad in the field of performance measurement and evaluation of universities' library services.

Administrative projects

During 2009, the Administrative Secretary's Office was involved in every innovative project promoted by Politecnico's management: